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Diary and journaling online at my therapy journal
My Therapy Journal is being used by thousands of individuals who are journaling daily for health.  Additionally, our members have embraced and are taking advantage of their own customized personal Progress GraphTMTake a Tour to discover how it works, go now>>

Due to the proven success and health benefits our individual members are experiencing, Health Care Providers are now offering our online therapeutic journaling tool to their members and clients as well.
Online Journaling at My Therapy Journal
One group of people who are using My Therapy Journal are individuals who simply love journaling and having their journals communicate with them.  Adolescents, college students, stay-home parents, young professionals, insightful adults, and techno-savvy grandparents.  Basically, anyone who is self-curious, who feels relief in expressing themselves through writing, and/or who enjoys seeing concrete evidence of their progress via our Progress GraphTM.

Another group of people are those undergoing painful, confusing, difficult, and/or daunting times in their lives.  It is also for people living with the reality of having emotional, physical, mental, and/or cognitive difficulties.  This is everyone who suffers from depression, anxiety, panic, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress, obsessive-compulsions, mania, panic, and/or who has symptoms of any mental disorder.  Some of these individuals are receiving some service from a mental health provider, and some are not.  For some people, My Therapy Journal complements their work with a professional, and for others, seeking professional help is something they are not at all interested in.

My Therapy Journal online journaling for health care

•    Treatment Centers (including university health and psychological centers)
•    Hospitals
•    Health Clinics
•    Insurance Organizations and Providers
•    Mental Health Providers
•    Military
•    Health Research Institutions
•    Health Awareness and Not-for-profit Organizations

For Health Care Providers >>

Online Journaling at My Therapy Journal

Williamsville Wellness is a residential treatment facility dedicated to breaking the cycle of addiction.  It is located in historic Hanover, Virginia.

References are available upon request.

Online Journaling at My Therapy Journal

Finally, another group of individuals are those who fall in both the above groups, in some way or another.  We believe most of our clients are in this third group.  Life is usually ever-changing, and our states of being are too.

•    Anyone who is uncomfortable with the idea that a written journal might be ever found by their parents, siblings, house-mates, roommates, boyfriend/girlfriend, colleges or strangers.   This includes:
-    Adolescents
-    Husbands/Wives
-    Office members
-    College students
-    People who share a house

•    People who create in any way:
-    Writers
-    Poets
-    Patent-makers
-    Entrepreneurs
-    Marketers and advertisers
-    Artists
-    Scientists
-    Military personnel
-    Politicians
-    Celebrities
-    Anybody suspecting that they are not “normal” in some important way

•    Anybody with strong sentiments of :
-    Shame
-    Secrecy
-    Guilt
-    “Deviant” thinking
-    Inadequacy
-    Superiority
-    Humility/Humbleness

•    Pregnant women wanting to track any emotional, mental and/physical changes and fluctuations that might occur before, during, and after pregnancy

•    Anybody undergoing any type of life transition.  This includes individuals who are:
-    Changing carriers
-    Moving to another city/town/county/country/house
-    Moving through life stages
-    Child to adolescent
-    Adolescent to college student
-    College student to professional
-    The “mid-life” transitional years
-    Adult to older adult
-    Single to committed
-    Becoming a parent
-    Becoming a grand-parent 
-    Going through a divorce
-    Deciding to get married
-    Entering a higher or lower social class
-    Entering a new circle of friends or colleagues
-    Having a spiritual emergence

•    Anyone grieving a long-loved partner, friend, family member, pet, or anyone important to them in any way… including inanimate objects (house, land, garden, car, photos)

•    Any one with large amounts of stress in their lives.  This includes:
-    Parents
-    Students
-    High-pace-job employees
-    Emergency room employees
-    Prison/Jail employees
-    Stock market workers
-    Police officers
-    People working in restaurants and/or bars
-    People who live in cities with lots of traffic
-    Lawyers
-    Any type of management position
-    People with very demanding significant others and/or family members
-    People tight for money in any way
-    People suffering any illness which is permanently causing them suffering
-    Anyone undergoing any major change in life circumstances
-    Soldiers
-    Psychiatric hospital employees
-    Group-home employees
-    Anybody in show-business

•    Anyone with large amounts of joy and excitement in their lives

•    Anybody feeling introspective

•    Anybody undergoing sadness, anger, frustration, insecurity, disappointment, fear, shyness, loneliness, and/or confusion

•    Anyone in love with something or someone

•    Anyone wanting to learn more about him/herself than ever before

•    Anyone wanting to self-improve by virtue of their own means

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