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“I try to journal three times a week which has really changed my life.”
Heather - Joliet, IL

 “I am a student and ever since I started expressing my emotions online I have improved my relationships and am a stronger person. I have found a new appreciation for life.”
Dave - Miami, FL

"I journal to effectively manage my pain every day.”
Sarah - Syracuse, NY

“I gave a membership as a gift to my best friend who was pregnant. She began journaling to her baby in the womb and plans to keep journaling until she gives the journals to the child at 18.”
Jennifer - San Francisco, CA

“I do it from work, I do it at home, I do it when I travel… its funny how even 20 minutes of venting onto a computer actually makes a difference.“
Dana - Cary, NC

“I feel like I never really had anything that I could do everyday religiously, that would actually feel good. Now I do.”
Fernando - Boise, ID

“I learned that the word metacognition means ‘thinking about thinking.’ I do a lot of that here, and doing so in writing really has a way of making my thoughts seem organized. I like it so much that I often gratefully ‘metajournal’ – journal about my journaling.”
Julia - Fairfield, CT

“I no longer use my diary and instead write down my feelings online. The progress graph is also a great tool as I can see how I am really doing.”
Paul - Santa Rosa, CA

“This is really simple to use. Thank you.”
Silvia - Fort Lauderdale, FL

“I can write every day, once a week, every day for a week and then not again for a month. Anything goes. I journal about movies watched, nighttime dreams experienced or romantic relationships.”
Tristan - Auburn, WA

“You know, life just kinda slows down when I’m on MTJ… to me, that’s enough.”
Alex - Overland Park, KS

“All my journals have either been found and read, or lost. It’s just nice to know here none of the two will ever happen.”
Sarah - Eden Prairie, MN

“Knowing that I have to rate myself at the end of each day has just been enough to keep me trying a little harder. The best thing though, is that I’m doing it just for me.”
Loane - Naperville, IL

“There’s something in AA called the fearless moral inventory…. what I do here everyday couldn’t get more fearless.”
Chieu - Ellicott City, MD

“Any kind of journaling has power because it allows you to leave whatever is in your head on the page. That makes room for new thoughts, ideas."
Herbie - Palm Beach, FL

"Journaling sounds like this deep word. But what I explained to a girlfriend of mine is that it's about being able to capture your life at that time. What made you happy, sad, grateful or what brought you delight. When you write your emotions like that, you let them go. The sad ones, anyway. When you write about something happy, it expands."
Cameron - Portland, OR

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